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About Us

At Right Choice Drug Alcohol & DNA Testing, we provide confidential professional service in addition to exceptional quality. Right Choice DAT provides drug and alcohol testing, drug free workplace program assistance, and DNA testing. We also offer a variety of fingerprinting services. Our outstanding services, state of the art equipment, competitive pricing, and overall value are why our loyal customers choose us above all others.

Opening our doors in Terre Haute, In. in May 2004. We recognize the importance of a drug free workplace, including the time and cost involved for all employers regardless of company size. Realizing the critical importance of the collection procedure, all donors are treated with respect and professionalism by our trained associates. Right Choice DAT is a locally owned small business with over 37 years experience in occupational testing. Associates are certified through SAPAA, breath alcohol technicians are certified by Lifeloc on our Phoenix breathalyzer.


Bettina Whittington, Co-owner of Right Choice DAT. Tina is a Certified Medical Assistant with 29 years of experience in occupation testing. Tina is a certified professional collector trainer, breath alcohol trainer, certified finger print technician; for TSA, the State of Indiana, FAA, and certified DNA specimen collector, consultant for paternity and genealogy testing and a certificate for reasonable suspicion observation and training.



Terry Whittington, Co-Owner of Right Choice D.A.T. Terry is  a Certified Professional Collector, Certified Fingerprint Technician for the State of Indiana, Certified Breath Alcohol Technician, and a Trusted Agent for UES (Universal Enrollment Services), and a consultant for the Reasonable suspicion training.  

Community Events

Terre Haute National Night Out 2018.

Tina & Angela doing children's fingerprint cards at the Wabash Valley Health Center Fair 2018 in Terre Haute. 

Terry at the Parke County National Night Out 2018. 


Tina & Terry at the Monroe County Fairgrounds for the Primetime Business After Hours & BBQ Cook-Off.

image1 (1)_edited.jpg

Angela, Dorian, and Lindsi at the Wabash Valley Night Out 2019.

Terry & Tina with the Honorable William Bennett at the NDASA Conference 2019.


Top: Lindsi, Angela, Ashlyn, and Tina. Bottom: The Right Choice DAT Terre Haute office at the Recovery is Beautiful Gala 2020. 

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